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Quality Function Deployment (QFD).

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QUALITY FUNCTION DEPLOYMENT (QFD) is a systematic method for transferring customer wants/needs/expectations into product and process characteristics.
It was developed by Shigeru Mizuno (1910-1989) and Yoji Akao (b.1928) in Japan and is hinshitsu kino tenkai in the native language.

QFD is an excellent tool for communication between cross-functional groups as it provides a common basis for:

QFD work divides into four parts

Conjoint Analysis (market survey)

Analysis of competitor products should:

Toyota halved design costs and reduced development time by 1/3 after starting to use QFD

The four stages required for a full QFD are:

The first block, the House of Quality, will normally look like this Figure, although a comparative analysis against the competitors product is often added to the right and below the matrix.  The full QFD matrix will then normally look like this Figure.
A template for QFD analysis can be found on a link from the University of Western Ontario Faculty of Engineering webpage for module ES 050 - Introductory Engineering Design and Innovation Studio

Chan and Wu [1] undertook a literature review based on 650 QFD publications and identified ten key publications [2-11] offering "comprehensive coverage of [the] historical, conceptual, methodological and practical aspects" of the technique.  Evans and Burns [12] reported the findings of three research methods (murmur of the customer, delighter clinics and delighter self-report exercise) used to study customer delight during product evaluation.  By combining their empathic design process with tools such as QFD and measures of return-on-investment, they suggest that an ideal design might be achieved.


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