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Lecture  Materials selection and characterisation  overview PowerPoint Reading List   Lecture  Composite manufacturing processes  overview PowerPoint Reading List
A1  Some basic equations and definitions. 1491 KB ILS/A1   C1  Reinforcement fibres. 516 KB ILS/C1
A2  Elastic moduli and Poisson's ratiosThermal characterisation 367 KB ILS/A2   C2  Reinforcement fabrics. 1401 KB ILS/C2
A3  Interfaces.  Interphases.  Meso-mechanics.  Voids. 539 KB ILS/A3   C3  Mould tools. 1617 KB ILS/C3
A4  Strength.  Failure mechanisms.  Fractography. 1523 KB ILS/A4   C4  Health & safety. 1921 KB ILS/C4
A5  Creep.  Fatigue.  Impact. 1504 KB ILS/A5   C5  Contact moulding: hand- and spray- techniquesRheology. 1719 KB ILS/C5
A6  Hybrid Composites. 226 KB ILS/A6   C6  Extrusion and Injection Moulding. RTM. 1228 KB ILS/C6
A7  Durability of composites (in the marine environment). 15 MB
1 MB
ILS/A7   C7  Resin infusion under flexible tooling (RIFT). 6105 KB ILS/C7
A8  Environmental implications of composites. Anti-fouling technologies. 564 KB ILS/A8   C8  Pre-pregs. Vacuum bagging. Autoclave. Compression. 1585 KB ILS/C8
A9  Sustainable compositesNatural fibres.  Bio-based resins. 1836 KB ILS/A9   C9  Filament winding.  Tube rolling.  AFP.  ATL.
 Additive Manufacture (AM) and Rapid Prototyping (RP)Pultrusion.
552 KB ILS/C9
A10  Core materials for sandwich panels. 253 KB ILS/A10   C10  Machining, bonding and repair. 1828 KB ILS/C10
A11  Adhesives and bonded structures. 92 KB ILS/A11   C11  Periodic table. Electron configuration atoms/ molecules. 365 KB ILS/C11
A12  Non-destructive testing. 1401 KB ILS/A12   C12  Morphology of polymer molecules. 638 KB ILS/C12
A13  Acoustic emission. See A12 ILS/A13   C13  Thermoplastic polymers. See C12 ILS/C13
A14  Smart materials. Intelligent structuresBiomimetics3 MB ppt 43MB pptx ILS/A14   C14  Phenolic (PF) resins. Epoxy (Ep) resinsVitrimers 492 KB ILS/C14
A15  CMC - MMC - Natural materials - PMC. 144 KB ILS/A15   C15  Unsaturated polyester (UPE)/Vinyl ester (VE) resins. See C14 ILS/C15
A16  Nanotechnology. 750 KB ILS/A16   C16  Process monitoring and control. See reprint ILS/C16
   Special lectures              
   Marine applications of composites 3468 KB ILS          
   Polymer composites in bridges   ILS          
   Foundation Year lecture (composites applications) 1714 KB            
   Smallpeice lecture (modern materials) 2167 KB            
   Post-16 Physics Day 05 December 2008         Strong and stable structures: tiny details and sustainable solutions? Inaugural lecture
28 MB

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John Summerscales invited lectures , Keynote speeches and Plenary Lectures (abstracts))
Fibre distribution and the process-property dilemma.
Durability of composites in the marine environment.PowerPoint
Disposal of composite boats and other marine composites.PowerPoint
The determination of the fibre volume fraction in natural fibre composites.PowerPoint
Variability in, and property prediction for, natural fibre composites.PowerPoint
A new rule of mixtures for natural fibre compositesThesis.PowerPoint
Comparative life cycle assessment for natural vs glass fibre reinforcementsPowerPoint
Allocation in the life cycle assessment (LCA) of flax fibres for the reinforcement of composites.PowerPoint
The potential of composite materials in civil engineering applications.PowerPoint
Standards for Permeability.PowerPoint

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