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The School of Mathematics and Statistics runs Sum:UP Mathematics and Statistics Drop in Centre in the University library from 10:00 am until 4:00 pm from Monday to Friday during term time. Expert advice on all aspects of Mathematics and Statistics is available on demand.

The mathcentre offers students quick reference guides, practice and revision materials, video tutorials, workbooks and online practice exercises on many branches of mathematics, including: Algebra, Arithmetic, Complex Numbers, Differentiation, Finance, Functions and Graphs, Geometry, Guides & Case Studies, Integration, Matrices, Mechanics, Numeracy Skills, Sequences & Series, Statistics, Trigonometry and Vectors.

ELSIS (English Language Support For International Students within the English Language Centre) provides expert and free English language support for all international students on full-time University of Plymouth undergraduate, postgraduate or research programmes.  The ELSIS team is a group of highly qualified and experienced English language teachers who understand the difficulties of academic study in a foreign language. They are there to help you with all aspects of using English for living and studying in the UK. They aim to help you to achieve the greatest possible success in your studies.

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