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The information provided on these pages is given in good faith and intended initially to support the learning of students in the University of Plymouth School of Engineering.  The authors can accept no responsibility for use of the information in the context of the design of composite components or structures - please check the data against alternative independent sources before using it for this purpose.

Every effort has been made to identify the source of copyright material which may be included.  If a source is not credited (or incorrectly recorded), we would be most grateful to receive guidance on how such issues might be resolved.

Note that some hot-links connect to external web pages.  These links are provided for the convenience of our users.  Whilst we have been careful in our selection of these pages, we cannot guarantee the accuracy of the material provided thereon.  Further, where the links are to commercial sites, they are intended as examples of best current practice/available technologies.  The inclusion of a reference to any company or other organisation should not be taken as an endorsement of their respective goods and/or services.

If you are aware of errors or omissions or broken links, we should be most grateful to be informed of the same at the earliest opportunity.

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