Composites Engineering (BEng) - MATS 348
Indicative costs for the laboratory coursework assignment

The following data is provided to permit comparative costs between processes for undergraduate coursework assignments
The costs were valid in October 2004 and may need amending to allow for inflation !
Use £1 sterling = US$1 as a conversion rate to cover shipping across the Atlantic Ocean.

   Unit price  Date of costing  Supplier  Standard quantity
 E-glass 600 gsm 100 mm u/d  £12.94/50m roll    Scott Bader  2 x 50 mm wide
 E-glass Chomorat 290 gsm weave  £5.11/kg    Scott Bader  for 25 kg batch
 AMPREG 21 laminating resin   £9.25/kg (based on 20 kg drum)  24-Mar-2010  Gurit  
 ... standard hardener for AMPREG21  £17.86/kg (based on 6.66 kg supply)  24-Mar-2010  Gurit  
 PRIME 20LV infusion resin  £10.10/kg (based on a 20 kg drum)  24-Mar-2010  Gurit  
 ... slow hardener for PRIME 20LV  £ (based on 5.2 kg supply)  24-Mar-2010  Gurit  
 Ancillary materials        
 Slipwax  £7.80/420g tin    Scott Bader  
 Breather/bleeder Econoweave 44   US$58/23m    AirTech  
 Peel ply  Stitchply G  US$128/23m    AirTech  
 Bagging film Econolon  US$75/62m    AirTech  
 Tacky tape AT 199  US$44/152m    AirTech  
 Infusion mesh N1024  £112/25m2    Newbury Engineered Textiles  
 Infusion: nylon 12 tube 6 mm diameter  £16.78/30m    RS 723-191  For 5-9 rolls
 Infusion: polyethene spiral wrap 3-12 mm diameter  92p/reel (unspecified length)    RS 227-968  For 5-9 reels
 Super black  £32.10/5 kg    Scott Bader  
 Brushes, etc.        
      half inch  40 p each    Scott Bader  144+
      one inch   50 p each    Scott Bader  144+
      1½ inch  60 p each    Scott Bader    144+
      two inch  72 p each    Scott Bader  144+
 Plastic cups (600 cc)   27 p each    Scott Bader  100+
 Mixing sticks  1.8 p each    Scott Bader  100+
 Acetone  £35/25 litres    Scott Bader  
 Personal protective equipment        
 Disposable overalls  £5.00 each    Scott Bader  10+
 Disposable gloves  18 p/pair    Scott Bader   50+

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