Composites Design and Manufacture
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This part of the course was be taught by Dr Stephen Grove up to AY2006/07 and is now provided via his part of the Student Portal.  This part of the module will concentrate on design and analysis techniques for use with composite structures.  You will spend some time using software for laminate analysis and, in Term 2, finite element analysis (FEA).  By the end of the module, you should have a good awareness of the directional elastic and strength properties of laminated polymer composites, and be capable of specifying them in the engineering design process.

Term 1

B1  Introduction to the module.  Design challenges and opportunities.
 Revision of basic properties and attributes of composites.
B2  Quantifying the constituents.
 Basic calculations for composite laminate description.
B3  Rules of mixtures for elastic properties of composites.
B4  Anisotropy and its mathematical description. Transformation of stress and strain.
B5  Laminate analysis theory and application.
B6  Laminate analysis.  Use of computer software.
B7  Strength:  failure modes.
B8  Strength:  failure criteria.
B9  Interpreting composite strength through laminate analysis.
B10  Design and analysis of simple composite structural elements (beams, panels).
 Hexcel sandwich panel design guide
B11  Introduction to CoDA software for structural elements.
B12  Revision and review.
Term 2  
B13  Finite Element Analysis (FEA) assignment discussion and use of benchmarks
B14  Joining: adhesive bonding
B15  Joining: fasteners
B16  Costing and optimisation
B18  Design codes for composite structures (BS4994)
B19  Design codes for composite structures (Limit State Design)
B20  Test methods for composites

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