Composites Design and Manufacture (Plymouth University teaching support materials)
Abbreviations and acronyms (including research projects/thematic networks).
   Explanation  Location/Reference/Context as appropriate
1LG  Monolayer graphene or single layer graphene  
2FA  Two-factor authentication  
2LG  Bilayer graphene  
2-MeBO  2-Methyl BenzOxazole  
2-MeBT  2-Methyl BenzoThiazole  
2MM  Secondary Master Model for tooling  
2V  Vacuum and vibration  
3BL  Triple Bottom Line accounting  Economy - Environment - Equity or People - Planet - Profit
3C  Communications, Computers and Consumer electronics  
3D  Dirty, Dull and Dangerous  .. reasons for automation
3-DEP  Three-dimensional engineered preforming  
3-D GEMs  3-D Genetically Engineered Micro/nano-devices  
3DXRD  Three-Dimensional X-Ray Diffraction  
3PL  Third Party Logistics  
3R  Reduce, Refine, Replace  
3S  Small, Smart, Safe  
4Cs  Critical thinking, Communication, Collaboration and Creativity  
4E  Energy, Exergy, Exergoeconomic and Enviroeconomic evaluation  
4IR  Fourth Industrial Revolution  
4 Vs  Variety, Velocity, Veracity, Volume  
5 Vs  Value, Variety, Velocity, Veracity, Volume  
7Cs  .. of resilience: confidence, control, coping, contribution, character, connection and competence  
25 YEP  25 Year Environment Plan 
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A  Explanation  Location/Reference/Context as appropriate
A4E  Airlines for Europe  the united voice of Europe’s leading airlines in Brussels
a-  Atactic (normally preceding a polymer type)  
AA  Acetic Anhydride  
AA  Acrylic acid  
AA  Assigned Amounts  Quantity of GHG emissions in the context of Kyoto Protocol
AACA  2-diAllylAmino-4.6-diChloro-s-triAzine  
AACoMa  Accelerate Advanced Composite Manufacturing  Maasticht University
AAP  Acetyl acetone peroxide  Initiator for addition polymerisation/curing
AANC  Airworthiness Assurance NDI Validation Center  
AAPP  Atmospheric Air Pressure Plasma  
AAQA  Approval and Accreditation of Qualifications and Apprenticeships  
AASHTO  American Association of Highway and Transportation Officials  Washington DC - USA
ABAC  ABietic ACid  
ABBSTRACT  Airbus, Bristol, Bath STrategic Research Alliance in Composites Technology  
ABC  Activity Based Costing  
ABC  Artificial Bee Colony  
ABDA  Anaerobic Digestion and Bioresources Association  
ABR  Co-poly(butadiene-methylmethacrylate) R-group rubbers  
ABRC  Advisory Board for the Research Councils  
ABS  Access and Benefit-Sharing  
ABS  poly(Acrylonitrile-co-Butadiene-co-Styrene) copolymer  
AC  Advisory Circular  
AC72  America's Cup 2013 72-foot catamarans  
ACA  Advanced Composites Alliance  
ACA  Anisotropic Conductive Adhesives  
ACA  Automotive Composites Alliance  
ACARE  Advisory Council for Aeronautics Research in Europe  
ACAVP  Advanced Composite Armoured Vehicle Platform  UK Ministry of Defence
ACCA  Advanced Composite Cargo Aircraft  Lockheed Martion conversion of mid/aft fuselage and empennage of Dorneir 328J
ACCC  Aluminum Conductor Composite Core  Composite Technology Corporation
ACCEPT  Advancing Creative Circular Economies for Plastics via Technological-social transitions  Queen's University of Belfast - led by Professor David Rooney
ACCIS  Advanced Composites Centre for Innovation and Science  University of Bristol
ACCLAIM  Automated Cabin and Cargo Lining And hatrack Installation Method  
ACE  Awards for Composites Excellence  American Composites Manufacturers Association
ACEE  Automotive Composites Conference and Exhibition  
ACerS  American Ceramics Society  Westerville OH - USA
ACFM  Alternating Current Field Measurement 
ACIS  Automated Composites Inspection System  McLaren Automotive
ACL  Advanced Composites Letters  
ACLAIM  Advanced Composite Life Assessment and Integrity Management  DTI Technology Programme - April 2004 competition
ACLV  Affordable Composites for Lightweight Vehicles  
ACMA  American Composites Manufacturers Association  United States organisation - formerly CFA
ACMC  Advanced Composites Manufacturing Centre  University of Plymouth
ACME  Applications of Computers in Manufacturing Engineering Directorate  
ACNF  Activated Carbon NanoFibres  
ACO  Ant Colony Optimisation  
ACOST  Advisory Council on Science and Technology  Now CST
ACP  Advanced Composites Project  NASA  Langley Research Center  Aeronautics Research Mission Directorate
ACPHB  Acetone-treated PHB  
ACPLLA  Acetone-treated PLLA  
ACRES  Affordable Composites from Renewable Sources  University of Delaware
ACRIM  All Composite Reduced Inertia Modular Wheels  
ACRTM  Articulated Continuous Resin Transfer Moulding  
ACS  Advanced Course Studentships  
ACSG  Advanced Composites Structures Group  University of Sheffield
ACSISTM  Automated Composite Structure Inspection System  Ingersoll Machine Tools
ACTUV  Anti-submarine warfare Continuous Trail Unmanned Vessel  
ACV  Air Cushion Vehicle  
ACV  Amphibious Combat Vehicle  
ACV  Apple Cider Vinegar  
ACW Asbestos Containing Waste  
AD  Acetone Dried  
ADA  Acceptance Decision Algorithm  
ADACS  Analysis & Design of Aerospace Composites Structures  
ADAM  Atomic Diffusion Additive Manufacturing  
ADAM4EVE  ADAptive and smart Materials and structures for more Efficient VEssels  
ADAMS  Automatic Dynamic Analysis of Mechanical Systems  NREL/Germanischer Lloyd code for design of wind turbine blades
ADDICT  Alcohol-Drugs-Drowning-Infant-Choking-Trauma  Emergency First Aid flow chart  for non-breathing casualty
ADEME  Agence de l'Environnement et de la Maîtrise de l'Énergie  
ADF  Acid Detergent Fibre  
ADFP  Automated Dry Fiber Placement  
ADFRC  Highly Aligned Discontinuous Fibre Reinforced Composites  
AdhFASTTM  Fastener to revolutionise adhesive use  Assembly Automation, 02/06/2000, 20(2), 170-176.
ADI  Alternating Direction Implicit  
ADL  Acid Detergent Lignin  
ADL  Allowable Design Limit  
ADMET  Acyclic Diene Metathesis  
ADMP  Automated Dry Material Placement  
ADP  Abiotic Depletion Potential (EICF)  
ADR  Automatic Defect Recognition  
ADDRESS  ADvanced Dynamic REpair Solutions for Sustainable composites  Bristoil Composites Institute
ADTB  Acacia Dealbata Tree Bark (dye)  
ADVISE  Advanced Dynamic Validations using Integrated Simulation and Experimentation  
AE  Acoustic Emission (NDT/proof testing technique)  
AECMA  Association Europeene des Constructeurs de Materiel Aerospatial  European Aerospace Trade Federation
AEF  Academic Employment Function  Codes returned to HESA
AeIGT  Aerospace Innovation and Growth Team  
AEM  Analytical Electron Microscope  
AEM  Auger Electron Microscopy  
AEMTA  Advanced Electrical Machines Technologies for Aircraft  
AEP  Applied Engineering Programme  University of Warwick
AEP  N-aminoethylpiperazine  curing agent for epoxy resin
AeroSME  AeroSME encourages SME participation in the EU FP RTD  
AESICOM  Agrupación Española de Industrias de Composites  Spanish Association of Composites Industries
AESL  Acoustic Emission Source Location  
AESO  Acrylated Epoxidised Soybean Oil  
AEWC  Advanced Engineered Wood Composites Center  University of Maine
AF  Aluminium flakes  
AFEM  Augmented Finite Element Method  
AFFF  Aqueous Fire-Fighting Foam  
AFM  Advanced Fiber Modeler  Simulayt - Woking
AFM  Atomic Force Microscopy  
AFMP  Agreement on the Free Movement of Persons  
AFNOR  Association Francaise de NORmalisation  Saint Denis La Plaine - France
AFP  Advanced Fire Protection  Fyfe Company LLC Tyfo® system
AFP  Automated Fibre Placement  
AFRA  Aircraft Fleet Recycling Association  
AFRC  Advanced Forming Research Centre  University of Strathclyde
AFRC  Agricultural and Food Research Council  Now incorporated into BBSRC
AFOLU  Agriculture, FOrestry and Land-Use  
AFRP  Aramid Fibre Reinforced Plastics  
AFT  Addition-Fragmentation chain Transfer  Vitrimers
AGC  Arrival, Gel, Cure sensor (Plastech TT Limited)  
AGE  Advisory Group on Energy  Horizon 2020 Expert Advisory Group
AGEC  Aerodynamic Ground Effect Craft  German term for WIG boat
AHC  Alan Harper Composites  
AHEP  Accreditation of Higher Education Programmes  
AHP  Analytic Hierarchy Process  
AI  Angle Interlock 3D woven preforms  
AI  Artificial Intelligence  
AIAG  Automotive Industry Action Group (USA)  
AIB  Amorphous Interlayer Bonding  
AILO  Association of Industrial Liason Officers  
AIM  Advanced Imaging of Materials  University of Swansea facility
AIN  Aerospace Innovation Networks  
AIR  Agriculture & Agro-Industry incl. Fisheries Research and Technological Development  EU Framework Programme 3 (1990-1996)
AIREX  Air Explosion  
AIRPOWER  Affordable Innovative Rapid Production of Offshore Wind Energy Rotor blades  
AIRTeC  Aerospace Integrated Research and Test Centre  Airbus facility in Bristol
AITM  Airbus Industries Test Method  
aka  Also Known As  
AKD  Alkyl Ketone Dimer  
ALAN  Artificial Light At Night  
ALARP  As Low As Reasonably Practicable  
ALBOS  Affordable Lightweight BOdy Structures  Department for Transport
ALC  Aircraft Light Communication  
ALC  Automated Laminating Cell  
ALCA  Attributional Life Cycle Assessment  
ALCAS  Advanced Low-Cost Aircraft Structures  EU Framework 6, 2005-2009
ALD  Atomic Layer Deposition  
ALDFG  Abandoned, Lost or Discarded Fishing Gear  
ALE  Arbitrary Lagrangian Eulerian formulation for flow problems  
ALE  Atomic Layer Etch  
ALF  Acacia leucophloea fibres  
ALM  All Lives Matter  
ALO  Agricultural Land Occupation  
ALOP  Agricultural Land Occupation Potential  
ALPS  Advanced Low Pressure System  EU Clean Sky engine project
-alt-  - alternating copolymer with -  
ALTO  A? Laminate Taper Optimisation  ACCIS Bristol
AM  Active Matrix displays  
AM  Additive Manufacturing  
AMATHO  Additive MAnufacturing Tilt-rotor HOusing  
AMBER  Advanced Materials and BioEngineering Research  Trinity College Dublin in collaboration with University College Cork and the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland (RCSI).
AMC  Aluminium Matrix Composite  
AMCAPS  Affordable Manufacture of Composite Primary Structures  I = first phase, II = second phase
AMGA  Annotated Model Grant Agreement  
AMIC  Advanced Manufacturing Innovation Centre  Belfast Regional City Deal project
AMIDE  Advanced Materials and Additive Manufacturing Infrastructure Development and Education Alliance 
AML  Angle ply percentage Minus Longitudinal ply percentage  
AMLC  Advanced Materials Leadership Council  
AMOC  Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation  a climate change issue
AM-OLED  Active Matrix - Organic Light Emitting Diode  
AMPLiFII  Automated Module-to-pack Pilot Line For Industrial Innovation  
AMR  Anti-Microbial Resistance  
AMR  Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre  University of Sheffield at Rotherham
AMSCI  Advanced Manufacturing Supply Chain Initiative  
AN  AcryloNitrile  
ANA  Automated Nanomechnical Analysis 
ANDM  A Novel Defect detection Method 
ANDP  Adjusted Net Domestic Product  
ANDSCAN  Ultrasonic non-destructive testing  Registered Trademark of QinetiQ Limited
ANFIS  Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Inference System  
ANN  Artificial Neural Network  
ANOVA  ANalysis Of VAriations  
ANP  Analytic Network Process  
ANSI  American National Standards Institute  
AoA  Analysis of Alternatives  
AO  Atomic Oxygen  
AOI  Area of Interest  
AOX  Absorbable Organic Halogen Compounds  ISO14044:2006(E)
AP  Access Point  
AP  Acidification Potential (EICF)  
AP  Anionic Polymerisation  
AP  Armour Piercing  
APA  Academic Professional Apprenticeship  
APB  Anti-Phase Boundary  
APC  Article Processing Charges  
APCC  Asian Pacific Coconut Community  
APDL  ANSYS Parametric Design Language  
APE  3-AminoPropyltriEthoxysilane  
APER  Association pour la Plaisance Eco-Responsable  sector for deconstruction of leisure boats
APET  Amorphous PolyEthylene Terephthalate  
APGD  Atmospheric Pressure Glow Discharge  
API  Active Pharmceutical Ingredient  
API  Application Programming Interfaces  
APIaas  Application Programming Interfaces as a Service  Cloud computing
APM  Advanced Pore Morphology foam  
APM  Advanced Production Machines  ACME technology theme
APM  3-AminoPropyltriMethoxysilane  
APME  Association of Plastics Manufacturers in Europe  
APP  Ability to Pay Principle  
APP  Advanced Ply Placement  
aPP  Atactic Poly(Propylene)  
APPG  All-Party Parliamentary Group  
APPI  Atmospheric Pressure Photo-Ionisation  
AP-PLY  Advanced Placed Ply  
APPT  Atmospheric Plasma Pressure Technology/Treatment  
APR  Acoustic Pulse Reflectometry  
APR  Aqueous Phase Reforming  
APS  γ-aminopropyltriethoxy silane  
APSOH  Advanced Panoramic Sonar Hull Mounted  Indian Navy
APT  Aqua Power Technologies Limited  
AptiForm  Manufacture of complex components from self-reinforced plastics  
APTES  (3-Amino Propyl) TriEthoxy Silane  
APTS  γ-Amino Propyl Triethoxy Silane  
AQB  Authorised Qualifying Body 
AR  Augmented Reality  
ARALL  Aramid Reinforced Aluminium Laminate  
ARBS  Algorithmic and Rule-based Blackboard System  
ARDS  Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome  
ARE  Advanced Rear End  Clean Sky 2 demonstrator
AREA  Anticipate, Reflect, Engage and Act  
ARGET  Activators ReGenerated by Electron Transfer  
ARIA  Advanced Research and Invention Agency  
ARIES  Advanced Research and Innovation in Environmental Science doctoral training partnership 
ARMO  Alliance of Rotational Moulding Organisations  
ARMPITS  Achievable - Realistic _ Measurable - Positive - IMPORTANT - Timebound - Specific  Replaces SMART
AROP  anionic activated ring opening polymerisation  
ARP  Ammonia Recycle Percolation  
ARPA  US Advanced Research Projects Agency  now DARPA
ART  Algebraic Reconstruction Technique  
ART  Automotive Repair Technology  
ARTM  Advanced Resin Transfer Moulding  
ARTS  Adaptive and Responsive Textile Structures  
AS  As Spun  
ASA  Acrylonitrile-styrene-acrylate copolymer  
ASA  Alk(en)yl Succinic Anhydride  
ASAP  Advanced Structures Assembly Process  
ASC  Alternative Specific Constants  
ASCE  American Society of Civil Engineers  
ASCEND  Aeronatical and automotive Supply Chain ENabled Development  GKN Reddith collabortive project: £40M via Aerospace Technology Initiative and £20M from industry.
ASDA  Age - Site - Depth - Area  Emergency First Aid on burns
ASEAN  Association of Southeast Asian Nations  
ASF  Audi Space Frame  
ASF  Automated Stiffener Forming  
ASGS  Algebraic Sub-Grid Scale  
ASHMOD  Austrian Structural Health Monitoring system Demonstrator  AIT Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH
ASID  Advanced Structural integrated Demonstrator  
A-SMC  Advanced Sheet Molding Compound  
ASMD  Automatic Specimen Measuring Device  
ASR  Addition-type Silicone Rubbers  
ASR  Automotive Shredder Residue  
ASSET  Advanced Structural Systems for Tomorrow's Infrastructure  EU Funded project with Intersect, Cranfield & City universities
ASSET  Athena Survey of Science, Engineering and Technology  
ASSP  Autonomous Synchronised Stabilised Platform  
ASTEC  Aircraft Structural Test and Evaluation Center  
ASTM  ASTM International  Formerly the American Society for Testing and Materials
ASTRA  Advanced Structures Technology and Revolutionary Architecture  Spirit AeroSystems, Wichita KS
ASTREA  Autonomous System Technology - Related Airborne Assessment and Evaluation  
ASW  Anti-Submarine Warfare  
ATAS  Academic Technology Approval Scheme  
ATAS  Active Towed Array Sonar  
ATBN  Amine-Terminated liquid NBR  
ATC  AcetylTriethylCitrate plasticiser  
ATC  Air Traffic Control  
ATDS  Anti-Torpedo Defence System  
ATI  Adherent Technologies Incorporated  
ATI  Aerospace Technology Institute  
ATI  Appropriate Technology International  
ATL  Automated Tape Laying  
ATM  Accelerated Testing Methodology  
ATMET  Acyclic Triene Metathesis  
ATNRP  Atom Transfer Nitroxide Radical Polymerisation  
ATO  Approved Training Organisation 
ATP  Aquatic Toxicity Potential (EICF)  
ATR  Attenuated Total Reflection  
ATRP  Atom Transfer Radical Polymerisation  
ATSG  Aerospace Technology Steering Group  
ATTOL  Autonomous Taxi Take-Off and Landing  
ATTOM  Affordable Tidal Turbines via Optimised Manufacture.  
ATVP  Aerospace Technology Validation Programmes  
AU  Acousto-Ultrasonics  
AU  Polyesterurethane U-group rubbers  
AUI  Acceptable Ultimate Integrity  
AUSV  Autonomous unmanned sea vessel  
AUT  Automated Ultrasonic Testing  
AutoWDA  Automatic Welding Defect Assesssment  
AuxetNet  Auxetic Materials Network  University of Bolton
AV  Avicell paper  
AVA  Associative Vehicle Architecture  JLR
A-VARTM  Advanced VARTM  Mitsubishi/Toray
AVOID  Airborne Volcanic Object Imaging Detector  
AWARE  Action on Waste Awareness and Resource Efficiency  BRE (trading name of Building Research Establishment Limited)
AWARE  Available WAter REmaining  
AWCB  Agricultural Waste, Co-products and By-products  
AWIC  Advanced Wing Integration Centre  
AYRS  Amateur Yacht Research Society  
AZL  Aachen Center for Integrative Lightweight Production  Aachener Zentrum für Integrativen Leichtbau

Sources include:  WIG Terminology, Zafeiropoulos
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