Composites Design and Manufacture
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Composite Manufacturing Processes
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This part of the course will be taught by John Summerscales.

The book recommended to support your learning is B T Åström, Manufacturing of Polymer Composites,
Chapman & Hall, London, 1997, ISBN 0-412-81960-0  UOP Library now available from CRC Press as ISBN 0-7487-7076-3.

The following 1990 review paper may be of general interest in the context of this part of the module:
John Summerscales, Manufacturing concepts for volume production of large composite components,
International Symposium on Composite Materials with Textile Reinforcement for use in Building Construction and Related Applications,
FITAT, Lyon – France, 16-18 July 1990, volume 3, pages 387-394. Restricted: Download 55KB .doc file.

 Composite manufacturing processes  overview Lecture PowerPoint Reading List
 Reinforcement fibres. C1 516 KB ILS/C1
 Reinforcement fabrics. C2 1401 KB ILS/C2
 Mould tools. C3 1617 KB ILS/C3
 Health & safety. C4 1921 KB ILS/C4
 Contact moulding: hand- and spray- techniquesRheology. C5 1719 KB ILS/C5
 Extrusion and Injection Moulding. RTM. C6 1228 KB ILS/C6
 Resin infusion under flexible tooling (RIFT). C7 6105 KB ILS/C7
 Pre-pregs. Vacuum bagging. Autoclave. Compression. C8 1585 KB ILS/C8

 Filament winding.  Tube rolling.  Automated Fibre Placement (AFP).  Automated tape laying (ATL)Additive manufacture and Rapid Prototyping (RP)Pultrusion.

C9 552 KB ILS/C9
 Machining, bonding and repair. C10 1828 KB ILS/C10
 Periodic table. Electron configuration atoms/ molecules. C11 365 KB ILS/C11
 Morphology of polymer molecules. C12 638 KB ILS/C12
 Thermoplastic polymers. C13 See C12 ILS/C13
 Phenolic (PF) resins. Epoxy (Ep) resinsVitrimers C14 492 KB ILS/C14
 Unsaturated polyester (UPE)/Vinyl ester (VE) resins. C15 See C14 ILS/C15
 Process monitoring and control. C16 See reprint ILS/C16

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